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Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling



This Lecture Series comprises the theoretical basics and applications of integrated pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modelling. These models are used to characterize and predict the effect, both intensity and duration, of Pharmaceuticals in vivo. They can be of great importance in the process of design and development of new Pharmaceuticals. The following subjects will be covered: General Introduction; Analysis of Concentration-Response Relations; Basics of Receptor Theory; Modelling of the course of direct and indirect Pharmacological effects in vivo; Pharmacodynamic interactions; Functional adaptation and tolerance; Technical aspects of integrated pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic data analysis; Literature studies and presentations of recent publications.


Prof. Dr. M. Danhof


Students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Admittance demands

Adequate knowledge of Pharmacology and Statistics.

Method of instruction



Written examination on March 17th 2015.

Time table

The course will be given from February 23th —March 10th 2015. See roster for details.


Application via uSis.


When the number of applicants exceeds the capicity of the course, preference is given to students in the specialisation Pharmacology of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.