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Philosophical Aspects of Biomedicine A



Period: October 12-16, 2015
Scientific and technological developments, certainly those of biomedicine, constantly change our day-to-day reality. These developments trigger our creative mind as well as our critical mind. Questions concerning the essence and meaning of live are then inevitable. How does this scientific reality affect you and our social coherence? What is your point of view as a scientist, a world citizen and as a person on such important issues?
This course is a philosophical dialogue; you are invited to investigate your way of thinking and to take that of others into consideration. As a group we will explore fundamental questions about body and soul, live and technology, human values and the practise of biomedical sciences.

Course objectives

Participants in the philosophical dialogue learn to:

  • reflect on the relationship between the science they practise, its social context and relevant philosophical questions.

  • clarify their thoughts in these matters, to formulate them and to discuss them with others.

  • open in their communication for different perspectives.

Mode of instruction

Working group.

Assessment method

Assessment of presentation and participation during the dialogue.
On pass/ no pass basis.

Reading list

Will be distributed by the teacher during the course.

Maximum number of participants is 12.