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Teaching Assistance Year 1


Admission requirements

Admission to the Research Master Archaeology programme.


The RMA is a first step in an academic career. Besides research skills, academic positions require teaching skills as well.
In this course, you provide active assistance in an undergraduate course for first-year archaeology students, and in this way you gain your first teaching experience. Although individual courses may differ in their set-up, tutorials are characterised by blended learning: feedback is given partly during the tutorial and partly online.

The general set-up is as follows: you will coach a group of about 25-30 first-year students on a weekly basis, and give them tips and tricks on how to read and interpret texts, how to make a summary and how to study for the exams. You will discuss weekly assignments that are posted on BlackBoard, and provide students with constructive feedback.

At the start of the year (September) you will attend an introductory course on practical didactic skills to prepare you for your first teaching adventure.

Set-up of the course

A teaching assistant coaches the BA1-students in one or 2 modules:
For 4 weeks in 2 World Archaeology courses: 2 days a week, tutorials of max. 4 hours (excluding preparation time)
For 14 weeks in Introduction in Heritage Studies, Landscape Dynamics, Field Techniques or Material Studies: 1 day a week, tutorials of max. 4 hours (excluding preparation time).

Contact hours:

  • Introductory meeting and crash course: 6 hours

  • Regular meetings with coordinator of the course in which you participate: minimum of 7 hours

  • Two intervision meetings with other TA’s and a coach: 4 hours.

Course objectives

At least 4 of these course objectives should be met.

Ability to:

  • coach students in a constructive manner;

  • give clear written or oral feedback on assignments;

  • coach students in practising correct academic writing, discussion or presentation according to the prescribed academic standards;

  • cooperate with your fellow teaching assistants;

  • use BlackBoard as a teaching tool: post feedback and grades and communicate unambiguously with your tutor group.

Mode of instruction


Course load

The course load will be distributed as follows:

  • Average of 8 hours per course day, including lectures, tutorial, feedback, and meetings, to a max. of 140 hours in total (5 ec).

Assessment method

  • Reflection report (100%).

No retake is possible. The teaching assistance will not be graded.
The teaching assistant will be evaluated by the students and the teaching assistant has to write a reflection report.
In the reflection report the tutorial is reviewed and personally faced challenges and gained experience are discussed. Also the evaluation of the students should be included and reflected upon. Guidelines for the report will be provided.

The report needs to be submitted through BlackBoard within 3 weeks after the last tutorial.


For more information about this course, please contact dr. J.A. (Joanne) Mol.


Compulsory attendance.