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European Union Studies

The European Union is increasingly becoming relevant on both the global stage and in the daily lives of European citizens. As a citizen of the European Union, you are influenced by the European Union every day. But how much do you know about the origins and development of the European Union? How much do you know of its policies and decision-making process? Are you familiar with the institutions of the EU? If you seek to answers to the questions above the EU-Studies MA is the place to get them.

For some students to the EU-Studies MA, a pre-master is required. See below: More info / Meer info


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester

History and Economics of European Integration 5
Law and Institutions of EU 5
EU Today 5

Second semester

Economics of the European Integration 5

Optional courses

Choose two out of four optional courses

EU policy and national politics 5
External policies of the EU 5
Interest Representation in the EU 5
Human rights protection in Europe 5

Meer info

For some students to the EU-Studies MA, a pre-master is required. This is in particular the case for the ‘HBO’ students from studies that are considered relevant to the EU-Studies MA such as ‘HBO’ in the areas of:

  • Economy & business

  • Law, policy & management

  • EU-Studies & International relations studies

For ‘HBO’ students in the above disciplines, the EU-Studies Minor can be followed as a pre-master for the EU-Studies MA.

The pre-Master EU-Studies is taught in English and consists of the EU-Studies Minor (30 ECTS) a bibliographic essay and a series of lectures.

In order to be admitted to the pre-Master EU-Studies, please contact the programme coordinator: Mw.Dr.K.Heede.